Karcher Spring Special 2018

Click to see the 2018 KARCHER spring special:


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Click Below for our Preseason Special



Through 11/30/16

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OSHA Mandated Spill Kits


Do you have your OSHA mandated spill kits that all industries/schools/healthcare facilities are required to have for blood or body fluid spills? CLICK HERE for PDF Information

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Transvel Inkjet

50 Sheets                  200 Sheets

8-1/2 X 11  113GSM                      $65.95                         $164.95



Transvel   All Processes

50 Sheets                  200 Sheets

12-1/2 X 18   113GSM                   $78.95                        $169.95


12-1/2 X 18   135GSM                   $106.95                      $214.95



25 Sheets                   100 Sheets

12-1/2 X 18   162GSM                   $86.95                        $147.80


12-1/2 X 18   180GSM                   $91.95                        $165.90


12-1/2 X 18   395GSM                   $147.50                      $224.95


All dimensions are in inches.


Orders are shipped via UPS Ground.

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Double Bucket System


Click Below to learn about the Double Bucket system




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Intertape taper


WAT Series Electric Taper

Featuring new roller technology that self-cleans



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Dispenser system

blog3Revolutionary Dispenser System

What if we told you it was possible to clean your facility with only 2 products?

Enviro-Solutions has introduced a wall dispenser to go with their Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning program that is sure to save you money, time and space. This will help your facility maintenance team use the correct amount of product every time. Less chemical waste is not only good for your company’s bottom line, but it is also good for the environment!

The Blend Safe II Dispenser System is easy to assemble and hang, it’s very user-friendly, and is sure to significantly decrease the amount of inventory you carry. This will free up room in your storage closets, make purchasing products simple, and better the company’s ability to keep track of inventory.

Follow this YouTube link to watch a short video about the ease of use and benefits to the Blend Safe II dispensing system from Enviro-Solutions!




Have you cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide products before? Depending on the dilution, you can clean just about anything! It also has low dwell times which makes cleaning more efficient, cheaper and easier.

Here are some of the many common uses (and the correct dilution ratios) for the ES72 Hydrogen Peroxide.

ES72 Light Duty (DILUTED AT 1oz/Gal)

Use for light cleaning of glass, countertops, fixtures and trim, mopping and autoscrubbing of VCT Floors.

ES72 Medium Duty (DILUTED AT 4 oz/Gal)

Use for medium duty spray and wipe applications in classrooms and hallways. For mopping restrooms and use in carpet cleaning.

ES72 Heavy Duty (DILUTED AT 12 oz/Gal)

Use for spray and wipe cleaning of restroom fixtures like sinks, showers, toilets and urinals. Effective on both soap scum and oily residues. Excellent for ceramic tile restoration..

To go along with the Hydrogen Peroxide a Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner will make your cleaning program complete. 



ES64 is a hospital disinfectant, bactericidal according to the current AOAC Use-Dilution Test method, modified in the presence of 250 ppm hard water plus 5% organic serum against microbial agents..

At Butler-Dearden, we have the knowledge, expertise and tools to help make the transition from your current cleaning product to this one easy! Call us today at 508.869.9000 to speak to a Sales Representative about the countless benefits of doing business with Butler-Dearden and Enviro-Solutions.

Click Here for PDF

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ProTeam Football

It’s almost Football Season…So it only seems fair to give you the benefits as to why switching to Pro-Team backpacks from upright vacuums can positively affect your company (measured in football fields)

On Twitter, @ProTeamVacuums posted this picture explaining how in just one year, switching from upright vacuums to ProTeam backpack vacuums, can help your clean an additional 137,700,000 square feet! That turns out to be 2,400,000 football fields! Next time you’re watching your favorite football team (hopefully the Patriots!), think about how much extra clean floor space in your office that would be!

Pro Team.jpg



Do we have your attention? Want to learn more about ProTeam Backpacks now?

Here is some information on one of our most popular models:

Super Coach Pro 10

  • Ergonomic back pack design with patent pending FlexFit harnessptvac
  • Flexfit harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity.
  • Triangular shape fits closer to the body and moves with the user.
  • This reduces the user bumping into walls, doorways or furniture.
  • Vacuum feels lighter, shorter and slimmer in profile

Get more information about this product and browse all of their backpack vacuum options, on their website at www.pro-team.com.

And as always, we are here to help with your backpack vacuum and all other Janitorial needs. Please call us at 508-869-9000 or email us at sales@butlerdearden.com for more information! We’d love you help make your company 2,400,000 football fields times cleaner!


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Bubble Fun

Bubble Wrap

Do you enjoy popping Bubble Wrap??

Bubble Wrap has been a staple product for packaging needs since the 1950’s. Due to the large number of industries packaging their products in Bubble Wrap, consumers are also aware of the benefits of protecting products with this packaging essential. 

There is also a phenomenon that surrounds Bubble Wrap… Popping It! The Wall Street Journal has written an article dedicated to the consumer appreciation for popping Bubble Wrap. This may seem silly, but I’m sure we can all admit to popping bubble wrap a time or two in our own lives!

As a company who is looking for new ways to package their products, why not embrace a product that will not only benefit your company, but also your consumers?



Copy and Paste this link into your browser to read the article!

We sell Sealed Air Bubble Wrap- so if you are interested in getting more information or purchasing the product, call us today! 508-869-9000 or email us at sales@butlerdearden.com.

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Summer Cookout

Summer Cookout

Are you having a Summer Cookout? (If not, you should!)
We have almost all of the products that you could need, except the hot dogs and hamburgers…
Here are some of the products we offer:
-Aluminum Foil
-Place Mats
-Condiment Packets (Ketchup, Mustard, Relish)
-Table Covers (Rolls, Folded)
What better way to embrace the warm weather, and reward your employees for their hard work?


Here is our President, Dave Butler (Right) manning the grill at our Summer Company Cookout last year!

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