Floor Stripper

Floor Stripper

Stripping floors is a necessary task that many Facility Maintenance Professionals don’t look forward to completing. Whether it’s the smell, the heat, the humidity, or lack of tools- Stripping Floors is one chore that would gladly be skipped- and we don’t blame you!

There may be things you are doing wrong that you don’t even know about! How great would it be to fix just one or two small things and create a more pleasant and efficient experience for your staff.

Can you use any of this information to help make stripping your floor easier and more efficient?

Here is the list that they sent out:                    

1. Lack of preparation

A lack of preparation can lead to delays and mistakes. One common example of under preparation is to not take the time to know what type of floor is being worked on and the procedures necessary for that floor. The tools used for one flooring type don’t always work with another. For example, chemicals appropriate for a VCT floor may not be suitable for stone flooring. Also, it’s very important to be prepared by having all the necessary tools and equipment ready before starting the job. Commonly forgotten items include:


  • All necessary buckets for stripping, neutralizing, and waxing
  • Gloves
  • Anti-slip shoes
  • Scrapers and extra blades
  • Caution signs and caution tape
  • Extension cords
  • Towels
  • Trash bags
  • First aid kit
  • Fans




2. Working on too large of an area at one time


Rather than working on a large flooring area right from the beginning of the job, it’s important to manage smaller parts of the floor at a time. Otherwise, the floor could dry in some places while another area is still being worked on.



3. Not diluting the stripper with cold water
Most floor strippers on the market need to be diluted with water. Skipping this step, or doing it 
incorrectly, can cause big problems. For example, hot water can cause the active ingredients in the stripper to evaporate before it has done its job.




4. Not using the correct amounts of finish


Not using enough finish will streak the floor, making it necessary to recoat it. Using too much finish will also cause streaking, creating the need for extra buffing and further coats.

5. Not using a clean mop


Dirty mops will discolor and streak the floor’s finish. This is a big problem that can only be resolved by re-stripping the floor to remove the streaking.




6. Not letting the coats dry enough


Not allowing the coats to completely dry before applying more coats is another mistake that causes significant streaking. This will make it necessary to dry buff the surface using a polish pad, followed by a recoat. To prevent this problem, finish should be dried for around 30 minutes between coats. Dryness can be tested by applying tape over a small area, and checking to see if the finish comes off when the tape is pulled away.



Source: Insightful Selling, Adon Rigg, July 2014


Now put this list to work! We can help you get the tools, training and information you need to strip your floors in the most efficient way possible. Our Janitorial experts will work on site with you to ensure a smooth transition from your old processes to your new one!

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Clean Workplace

Are you discounting the impact a clean and sanitary workplace can have on your bottom line? Afflink discussed 6 reasons why a clean workplace helps to boost sales and increase productivity.

Does your maintenance staff need training? Are your products not working? We have the tools and personnel to help you get you’re facility as clean as it can be!

Read more on the Afflink blog: www.blog.afflink.com

1. Cleanliness results in a healthier workforce.

Probably the most significant reason for maintaining a sanitary facility is that it impacts your employees’ health. Exposure to dust and germs results in colds, the flu and other illnesses, which typically results in one of two scenarios:

  • The affected employee uses a sick day; OR,
  • The affected employee heads to the office, exposing your entire workforce to germs that force them to use a sick day.

In either instance, the sick days cost your company money. In fact, the average 7.7 average sick days per year costs U.S. companies over $2 billion annually. Keep your facility clean, and you can reduce the losses related to unplanned employee absences.

2. Cleanliness impacts first impressions.

You want to make the best impression possible when visitors and potential customers come knocking, and cleanliness is one of the first things they’ll notice. Your facility represents your company’s image in much the same way your employees are the face of your business. A filthy store, office or other public space will turn customers away, meaning a lost sale and missed business opportunity. Over time, when numerous prospects avoid your facility, your profits are diminished and you could be forced to shut your doors.

To present a professional image to your target customers, you need to prioritize sanitation as an indicator of your expertise and efficiency. A clean business is an indicator that the rest of your company’s operations are tidy and organized as well

3. Sanitation affects repeat business.

Sanitation measures improve business as repeat customer return for your product or services. Competition is tough, no matter what industry you’re in. Even though they might have patronized your company once, they may turn to your competitors if they perceive your facility as being unsanitary. While they might have enjoyed a meal or been impressed with your customer service, they won’t come back to a dirty building.

4. Government regulations require sanitation for certain businesses.

In some industries, a strong sanitation program is necessary to remain in compliance with government regulations. Restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and other businesses where the public is invited are subject to cleanliness laws. Random inspections mean that you could be scrutinized at any time, so it’s important to maintain a high level of sanitation on a daily basis. If not, you could be shut down, resulting in lost sales and reduced profits.

5. Sanitation measures improve business productivity.

Implementing clean policies for employees and encouraging sanitary behaviors boost the productivity of your workforce, meaning tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. A clean desk ensures your workers don’t lose documents or spill food on expensive office equipment. They will also take pride in their office and workspace, which has a positive impact on morale.

6. Organized facilities enhance workflow.

A clean workspace also ensures that your company runs more smoothly. People can move about freely, equipment is more easily transported, and inventory is more organized in an orderly environment. Maintaining a sanitary facility allows your team to accomplish tasks on time without obstruction issues or clutter to get in their way.

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Summer Cleaning

Now that School’s out for the summer, do you have a plan for your summer cleaning? Here are 10 tips that will help ensure your school is clean and ready to go in September!

10 Tips for Cleaning Schools over Summer Break

For custodial workers, the summer months can actually be some of the busiest and most important months when it comes to school cleaning. To help simplify the process, Tornado offers ten recommendations cleaners can do to make the summer as productive as possible.

1. Prepare a written plan. Summer break cleaning shouldn’t be “hit or miss.” Have a written plan as to who will tackle which projects and when.

2. Address floor care specifics. Big summer cleanup projects usually involve floor care; before doing any floor-care work, divide the facility into those floor areas that will be stripped/refinished; those that will only be scrubbed; and those that need only detail cleaning.

3. Attend to closet maintenance. Go through janitorial closets and properly discard of any chemicals or other products that have not been used in six months or longer; typically, chemicals should never be stored for more than a year.

4. Go green. For those facilities transferring to a green cleaning strategy, the summer months are an opportune time to start making this transfer. Special green cleaning training may be required during this transition, and summer break can provide that extra time.

5. Equipment issues. Evaluate all cleaning equipment; determine which machines are running properly, which need servicing, and which should be replaced.

6. Evaluate furniture condition. Flag those items that need repair or should be replaced.

7. Tile and grout. The summer months are a perfect time to clean tile and grout floors using floor machines with brushes such as cylindrical brush or “multitask” systems.

8. Evaluate cleaning protocols. To improve cleaning efficiency and help lower costs, use a work loading program to evaluate all cleaning tasks and frequencies.

9. Replace light bulbs. Replace all conventional light bulbs with low-voltage bulbs that not only use less energy but also last as long as a decade.

10. Train, train, train. Summer break is the perfect time for extra training for cleaning professionals.
Article from:

need servicing, and which should be replaced.

6. Evaluate furniture condition. Flag those items that need repair or should be replaced.

7. Tile and grout. The summer months are a perfect time to clean tile and grout floors using floor machines with brushes such as cylindrical brush or “multitask” systems.

8. Evaluate cleaning protocols. To improve cleaning efficiency and help lower costs, use a work loading program to evaluate all cleaning tasks and frequencies.

9. Replace light bulbs. Replace all conventional light bulbs with low-voltage bulbs that not only use less energy but also last as long as a decade.

10. Train, train, train. Summer break is the perfect time for extra training for cleaning professionals.

Article from:

clean link






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July Special

Interested in buying a Proteam Backpack Vacuum (or two?) now is the time to do it!

Monthly Special

ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6


The next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patent pending FlexFit™ articulating harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. New triangular shape fits closer to the body and moves with the user, reducing the chance of bumping into doorways, walls, or furniture. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures air performance. Four Level Filtration w/HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger, including fine carbon dust from the motor, for improved IAQ. Due to the angle of rear exhaust filters, the unit will not disturb papers on desks as it passes. (proteam.com)

Pro Team

Pricing valid through July 31, 2014

More information at www.proteam.com

Questions? Want to place an order? Call 508.869.9000 or email sales@butlerdearden.com!



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Bill Scalzulli Press Release


BILL SCALZULLI  – 55 Years of Service

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Bill Scalzulli. Please help us congratulate him on 55 years of service with Butler-Dearden.  He will be retiring on June 30, 2014.

Bill is a graduate of Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!), then spent 1957-1959 serving in the US Navy. Shortly after leaving the Navy, Bill began his impressive career as a sales representative with Butler-Dearden. It was the same year, 1959, that Bill met his wife Ann, who he has been married to for 53 years! What a great year that was!

We are sure we won’t be the only ones that will miss seeing Bill’s smiling face!

Replacing Bill in his Sales Territory will be Jay McKinnon. Jay has worked for Butler‐Dearden for 4 years. Jay is looking forward to the challenge of his new position!

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Entrance Matting

Entrance Matting


 Now that winter is over, it’s time to make sure your entrance matting is up to par. Having quality entrance matting in you building can help save your company money and time in the long run. Here are some tips and benefits for buying and maintaining your entrance matting:



-High quality entrance mats cut down cleaning labor costs and reduce wear on floors.

-The best mats protect against slips, trips and falls due to soil, moisture, contaminant removal, edge treatments and improper use of floor mats and runners.


-Often times, mats that are bought and not rented come with warranties that can last for many years

-Look for bi-level construction with an upper surface for walking and a lower area to store soil and water, large quantities of moisture and dirt can be trapped.

-The bottom should be slip resistant. Rubber backed mats are more slip resistant than vinyl-backed mats.


 -Recommended that mats are deep cleaned at least once a year- preferably in the spring. The best way to clean is with a carpet extractor.

-Clean underneath your mats regularly

-Vacuum/Sweep mats daily

-Routine Maintenance is key. Spot Treat areas as needed.

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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Day

May 5, 2014

How well do you wash your hands?


According to World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of patients every year are affected by health care-associated infections. More than half of these infections could be prevented by caregivers properly cleaning their hands at key moments in patient care.


Here is an interesting article about the necessity and effects of properly washing your hands.



Are you doing your part to help keep yourself and the people around you safe from preventable diseases?

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May Special

To help introduce our new line of aerosol cleaning products, we are currently running a sale on ZenAir Duster.

Click for details

ZenAir Duster Special

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History of Earth Day:

The first Earth Day was celebrated was on April 22, 1970. Gaylord Nelson, known as the “Conservation Governor” was inspired by increasing campus activism, to bring together a team of people to develop a national day focused on the preserving and bettering the environment.

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 had an estimated 20 million Americans that took part in the festivities. Here is the estimated breakdown:

10,000 Elementary & High Schools

2,000 Colleges

1,000 Communities

Since then, Earth Day has grown exponentially. It shows that people all around the world are concerned with our ability to help preserve the environment. In 2000, it was estimated that there were approximately 184 countries that help formal Earth Day Celebrations.  


What better way to celebrate than learning about a
Green Cleaning Program?


Here are just a products/areas that are easy to switch over to green cleaning practices!

  1. Green Cleaning Chemicals
  2. Hand Soap
  3. Microfiber
  4. Chemical-Free Cleaning Technologies
  5. Equipment
  6. Paper Products

Using sustainable and green products are not only better for the environment, they are also better for your facility management employees, all other employees/students and also all other customers or visitors you may have visiting your building. There are so many benefits to switching to green and sustainable products!


How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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Removing Ice Melt Residue


Now that winter is coming to an end (hopefully….)

We are left with the task of cleaning up the mess the snow, slush, ice melt and sand have left in our entrances and exits. Even though it may look hard to do- we have put together a few easy steps for you to follow to help ease the pain of getting rid of the residue.

  1. Move all furniture out of the area.
  2. Vacuum/Sweep Area thoroughly to remove any excess dirt or Ice Melt pieces.
  3. If the area is dry, dust mop the area. (Preferably with a Microfiber Dust Mop. Maybe one from Unger Cleaning Products?)


4.  Use a correctly diluted cleaning solution (regardless of whether you’re using an Auto Scrubber, Extractor or Mop)

Click this link to hear more about Haze Away- A green product from Enviro-Solutions that is specifically for removing Ice Melt Residue:


We have other options as well- and we also have a Janitorial Director that would love to show you our options and talk to you about your needs!

5. If the area still has white residue visible after the area is dry, repeat the steps again.

And as always, please call us at 508-869-9000 or email sales@butlerdearden.com if you have any questions or concerns!

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