Clean Workplace

Are you discounting the impact a clean and sanitary workplace can have on your bottom line? Afflink discussed 6 reasons why a clean workplace helps to boost sales and increase productivity.

Does your maintenance staff need training? Are your products not working? We have the tools and personnel to help you get you’re facility as clean as it can be!

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1. Cleanliness results in a healthier workforce.

Probably the most significant reason for maintaining a sanitary facility is that it impacts your employees’ health. Exposure to dust and germs results in colds, the flu and other illnesses, which typically results in one of two scenarios:

  • The affected employee uses a sick day; OR,
  • The affected employee heads to the office, exposing your entire workforce to germs that force them to use a sick day.

In either instance, the sick days cost your company money. In fact, the average 7.7 average sick days per year costs U.S. companies over $2 billion annually. Keep your facility clean, and you can reduce the losses related to unplanned employee absences.

2. Cleanliness impacts first impressions.

You want to make the best impression possible when visitors and potential customers come knocking, and cleanliness is one of the first things they’ll notice. Your facility represents your company’s image in much the same way your employees are the face of your business. A filthy store, office or other public space will turn customers away, meaning a lost sale and missed business opportunity. Over time, when numerous prospects avoid your facility, your profits are diminished and you could be forced to shut your doors.

To present a professional image to your target customers, you need to prioritize sanitation as an indicator of your expertise and efficiency. A clean business is an indicator that the rest of your company’s operations are tidy and organized as well

3. Sanitation affects repeat business.

Sanitation measures improve business as repeat customer return for your product or services. Competition is tough, no matter what industry you’re in. Even though they might have patronized your company once, they may turn to your competitors if they perceive your facility as being unsanitary. While they might have enjoyed a meal or been impressed with your customer service, they won’t come back to a dirty building.

4. Government regulations require sanitation for certain businesses.

In some industries, a strong sanitation program is necessary to remain in compliance with government regulations. Restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and other businesses where the public is invited are subject to cleanliness laws. Random inspections mean that you could be scrutinized at any time, so it’s important to maintain a high level of sanitation on a daily basis. If not, you could be shut down, resulting in lost sales and reduced profits.

5. Sanitation measures improve business productivity.

Implementing clean policies for employees and encouraging sanitary behaviors boost the productivity of your workforce, meaning tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. A clean desk ensures your workers don’t lose documents or spill food on expensive office equipment. They will also take pride in their office and workspace, which has a positive impact on morale.

6. Organized facilities enhance workflow.

A clean workspace also ensures that your company runs more smoothly. People can move about freely, equipment is more easily transported, and inventory is more organized in an orderly environment. Maintaining a sanitary facility allows your team to accomplish tasks on time without obstruction issues or clutter to get in their way.

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