History of Earth Day:

The first Earth Day was celebrated was on April 22, 1970. Gaylord Nelson, known as the “Conservation Governor” was inspired by increasing campus activism, to bring together a team of people to develop a national day focused on the preserving and bettering the environment.

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 had an estimated 20 million Americans that took part in the festivities. Here is the estimated breakdown:

10,000 Elementary & High Schools

2,000 Colleges

1,000 Communities

Since then, Earth Day has grown exponentially. It shows that people all around the world are concerned with our ability to help preserve the environment. In 2000, it was estimated that there were approximately 184 countries that help formal Earth Day Celebrations.  


What better way to celebrate than learning about a
Green Cleaning Program?


Here are just a products/areas that are easy to switch over to green cleaning practices!

  1. Green Cleaning Chemicals
  2. Hand Soap
  3. Microfiber
  4. Chemical-Free Cleaning Technologies
  5. Equipment
  6. Paper Products

Using sustainable and green products are not only better for the environment, they are also better for your facility management employees, all other employees/students and also all other customers or visitors you may have visiting your building. There are so many benefits to switching to green and sustainable products!


How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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