GSM vs Basis Weight

GSM               Basis Weight                      General Usages


74                   20lb Bond/50lb Text         Everyday Copy paper weight


90                   24lb Bond/60lb Text         Most popular business letterhead


105                 28lb Bond/70lb Text         Perfect for brochures


120                 32lb Bond/80lb Text         Perfect for brochures


145                 67lb Bristol/50lb Cover    Great for self mailers


165                 90lb Index                            Durable smooth cardstock


176                 65lb Cover                           Great for postcards


200                 110lb Index                         Great for tabs, dividers, folders


216                 80lb Cover                           Heavy business card cover


255                 140 Index                             Super heavyweight applications


270                 100lb Cover                         Great for flat cards and invitations


324                 120lb Cover                         Great for flat cards and invitations


352                 130lb Cover                         Heavyweight applications


432                 160lb Cover                         Heavyweight applications


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