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Is your Gym Floor ready?


Even though your gymnasium is probably not hosting the Final Four, clean and protected gym floors not only save money, but they also create safer surfaces for your athletes to play and practice on!

Here are some cleaning tips you can use to keep your gym floor in tip top shape. (Not just for March- but for all year round!

Find Out What is Causing the Damage To Your Floor

In order to prevent future damage to your gym floor, your maintenance staff must understand what is happening to cause the damage.

It is important to look at the areas of the floor that are getting the most traffic (For example- Volleyball Court, the key areas on the Basketball Court) These areas have extreme traffic, sliding starting, stopping and jumping which wears out the finish on the flooring.

Other things that can be causing damage to your gym floor could be moving equipment across the floor.

Keep chairs, equipment, hard plastic or metal off of the floor, unless floors are protected.

Always use gym floor covers and mats.

Make Your Floor Last

Ensure that there is good walk-off matting at all entrances. This helps to stop the dirt and sand from being tracked onto the floor (it’s almost like there is sandpaper being rubbed all over the floor)

After about a year of wear and tear the floor needs to scrubbed and recoated. After 10 years, the floors should be sanded and refinished. Sanding too often wears the wood flooring out.

Make sure you Wet Clean your floor- Use an Auto Scrubber if possible. This is the most efficient way to ensure your floor is cleaner and drier faster! Depending on the size of your auto scrubber, it is possible that your floor can be clean and dry within 15 min. How amazing is that?

Choose the Correct Floor Finish

Whether its water-based or oil-modified coating, make sure you are using it correctly. Just remember that it won’t matter what type of floor finish you’re using if you’re not protecting the floor throughout the year!

At Butler-Dearden, we have specialists that can help you decide which floor finish will work best for your application!



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