Inflatable packaging

Considering inflatable packaging as your protective packaging?

Inflatable protective packaging products have become one of the most popular in-the-box packaging materials for shipping because they’re lightweight, clean, and easy to use. In addition, they can fill multiple packing application requirements including void fill, cushioning, block and brace, and bubble wrap.

So does that mean all you need is a machine that makes air and some packaging air bags then you’re good to go? Well, not really. You probably would rather have an air pillow machine and air cushion packaging film products that are versatile and reliable from a provider that promises fast service and supplies.

The AIRplus® inflatable packaging systems are among the most reliable in the industry. They’re engineered to work long hours at high speeds and offer three different models so you can find the right air pillow machine to fit your requirements. The machines fill multiple styles and sizes of sealed air packaging materials including square air bags, tubes, and cushioning bubble wrap to give you all of the flexibility you’ll need at your packing stations.

You’ll also want to be sure your inflatable air packaging materials are cost-efficient, effective and consumer friendly. Using AIRplus® air packaging provides 98% source reduction. In addition, the air packaging film is #2 curbside recyclable and manufactured using Zero Waste Technology. As far as reliability goes, well there’s no match for the triple layer film when it comes to superior air retention, elasticity and product protection.


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