Introducing Anti Microbial Papers


As you watch the evening news, listen for how many times healthcare associated infections (HAI) like MRSA are mentioned during the segment. The average cost in the United States per patient of all HAIs is $20,000-$26,000, or about $28-$45 billion per year in total. Our latest carbonless innovation, Premium Digital Carbonless and bond papers with Biomaster® antimicrobial technology provides an effective way to maintain cleaner paper surfaces and an economical means of chipping away at the astronomical costs associated with HAIs.

Nekoosa Coated Products’ Premium Digital Carbonless with Biomaster® is the world’s first carbonless paper powered by silver ion technology, a non-toxic, naturally occurring antimicrobial technology to protect against the spread of bacteria. Silver ions naturally inhibit the reproduction of microbes, so each sheet is protected from unwanted microorganisms that cause the transfer of infections. Also, the Biomaster® antimicrobial technology lasts throughout the lifetime of the product, and will not affect the carbonless paper’s features like dry toner/laser printer compatibility and strong image permanence.

This product is not only suitable for hospitals, but also any high traffic environment such as classrooms, exam rooms, offices, clinics and daycares.

Nekoosa Coated Products’ Premium Digital Carbonless with Biomaster® technology is available in two part, three part reverse and straight, and a variety of singles. We also added a bond paper coated with Biomaster® to accompany our carbonless paper offering. Nekoosa Bucks are available in each collated carton.
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