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 This blog intends to provide information helpful to those users looking to purchase Janitorial supplies in Massachusetts  ( MA ):

  • ICE MELT SPECIAL - ICE MELT SPECIAL Click Below for our Preseason Special CLICK for PDF t Through 11/30/16
  • Double Bucket System - STOP MOPPING WITH DIRTY WATER!!!! Click Below to learn about the Double Bucket system CLICK for PDF t
  • Dispenser system - Revolutionary Dispenser System What if we told you it was possible to clean your facility with only 2 products? Enviro-Solutions has introduced a wall dispenser to go with their Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning program that is sure to save you money, … Continue reading
  • Are you using the correct Stretch Film? -   Stretch Film Mil Thickness- Is Your Stretch to Thick? One easy way to cut costs, is to use less stretch! Click Below to learn more Stretch Film 3
  • FLU PREVENTION - Flu Prevention Tips In a recent article posted by Cleanlink.com- 35 States are experiencing a widespread influenza outbreak. Read the article here- http://www.cleanlink.com/16584news/ Are you keeping yourself healthy and germ-free? Here are Five Flu Prevention Tips to help keep your … Continue reading
  • Microfiber - MICROFIBER CLEANING SYSTEM Still using paper towels, sponges or old rags for cleaning? Time to update your system. Have you heard about the benefits of switching to a Microfiber Cleaning System? No? Well keep reading this Word Document! We’re excited … Continue reading
  • New Year – New S - New Year-New Strategy Regardless of what industry you do business in, every building, desk or vehicle needs cleaning.  There are a countless number of options for your janitorial needs. How do you chose? Is it Price, Quality, Service, Personal Relationships? … Continue reading
  • Greener Buildings Improve Staff and Student Performance - Greener Buildings Improve Staff and Student Performance Implementing a green cleaning program produces many health and productivity benefits. It also promotes better inventory management of chemicals and equipment, resulting in more efficient and better-planned procurement of goods. As mentioned in … Continue reading
  • Butler-Dearden Shows How to Save Money Implementing Green Cleaning Programs - Butler-Dearden Shows How to Save Money Implementing Green Cleaning Programs Green cleaning programs provide obvious benefits; however, the one benefit not always at the top of the list is cost savings. For some organizations, saving money may be the best … Continue reading
  • Avoid Scrubber Funk - Does your scrubber have the funk of 40,000 years? In this week’s Educational Quick Clip, Richard Bodo explains the basics of maintaining this essential piece of equipment. Tune in now at : http://www.issa.com/?m=video&id=411&utm_source=EQC&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EQC#videoid=411