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 This blog intends to provide information helpful to those users looking to purchase Janitorial supplies in Massachusetts  ( MA ):

  • Karcher Spring Special 2018 - Click to see the 2018 KARCHER spring special: KARCHER SPRING FLYER
  • ICE MELT SPECIAL - ICE MELT SPECIAL Click Below for our Preseason Special CLICK for PDF t Through 11/30/16
  • Double Bucket System - STOP MOPPING WITH DIRTY WATER!!!! Click Below to learn about the Double Bucket system CLICK for PDF t
  • Dispenser system - Revolutionary Dispenser System What if we told you it was possible to clean your facility with only 2 products? Enviro-Solutions has introduced a wall dispenser to go with their Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning program that is sure to save you money, … Continue reading
  • Are you using the correct Stretch Film? -   Stretch Film Mil Thickness- Is Your Stretch to Thick? One easy way to cut costs, is to use less stretch! Click Below to learn more Stretch Film 3
  • FLU PREVENTION - Flu Prevention Tips In a recent article posted by Cleanlink.com- 35 States are experiencing a widespread influenza outbreak. Read the article here- http://www.cleanlink.com/16584news/ Are you keeping yourself healthy and germ-free? Here are Five Flu Prevention Tips to help keep your … Continue reading
  • Microfiber - MICROFIBER CLEANING SYSTEM Still using paper towels, sponges or old rags for cleaning? Time to update your system. Have you heard about the benefits of switching to a Microfiber Cleaning System? No? Well keep reading this Word Document! We’re excited … Continue reading
  • New Year – New S - New Year-New Strategy Regardless of what industry you do business in, every building, desk or vehicle needs cleaning.  There are a countless number of options for your janitorial needs. How do you chose? Is it Price, Quality, Service, Personal Relationships? … Continue reading
  • Greener Buildings Improve Staff and Student Performance - Greener Buildings Improve Staff and Student Performance Implementing a green cleaning program produces many health and productivity benefits. It also promotes better inventory management of chemicals and equipment, resulting in more efficient and better-planned procurement of goods. As mentioned in … Continue reading
  • Butler-Dearden Shows How to Save Money Implementing Green Cleaning Programs - Butler-Dearden Shows How to Save Money Implementing Green Cleaning Programs Green cleaning programs provide obvious benefits; however, the one benefit not always at the top of the list is cost savings. For some organizations, saving money may be the best … Continue reading