New Year – New S

New Year-New Strategy

Regardless of what industry you do business in, every building, desk or vehicle needs cleaning.  There are a countless number of options for your janitorial needs. How do you chose? Is it Price, Quality, Service, Personal Relationships? Are there things that you are unhappy about with your current vendors? The New Year is a great chance for you to re-evaluate your choices, and clean out your closets (And then restock them again!)

Let’s start with everyday cleaning. It’s the gift that keeps on givingand giving… and giving.

Unfortunately, it’s still Cold/Flu Season, so it is crucial that your building and employees remain as germ free as possible. That way they’ll be at work (Not out sick), productive, happy and so will you!  There are many different ways for you to help your co-workers and customers stay healthy!

Your company can save money, become more efficient and create a healthier, cleaner work environment. Hard to believe, right? Well believe it!

Ask yourself these 6 Questions to help inspire change (and cleanliness!) in your organization!



Chances are, if you looked into your cleaning closet there is a product or two (maybe more) that hasn’t been used in a very long time. Most of the time, this happens because the product has been pushed to the back of the shelf in place of a new, more efficient version. This is a sign that your product choices need to be simplified. You could get away with using only a few products for the whole building instead of the wide array that is probably taking up needed space as we speak.

Take this opportunity to start fresh, use up the old product (No need to waste money) and then talk to a specialist about how you can simplify your product line. This will help your company in two ways.

  1. 1.       It will make the ordering process easier because there will be less products needed.
  2. 2.       It will make it easier on your cleaning staff because they won’t need to use as many chemicals and accessories.

There is one big coincidence in this process! Here at Butler-Dearden, we have the specialists to help you! We have people that will come to your buildings and offer suggestions, trainings, and also work with your team in your own environment to help make the transition seamless.  If you are in New England, give us a call, talk to our experts, schedule a meeting-What do you have to lose? If you are not in New England and have questions, we are still here to help, and only a phone call away!

What’s stopping you from calling us?



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