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  • ICE MELT SPECIAL - ICE MELT SPECIAL Click Below for our Preseason Special CLICK for PDF t Through 11/30/16
  • Intertape taper - EH2O WAT Series Electric Taper Featuring new roller technology that self-cleans CLICK BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK for PDF
  • Inflatable packaging - Considering inflatable packaging as your protective packaging? Inflatable protective packaging products have become one of the most popular in-the-box packaging materials for shipping because they’re lightweight, clean, and easy to use. In addition, they can fill multiple packing application requirements … Continue reading
  • IPG Corru-Grip Technology - INTERTAPE POLYMER GROUP     LAUNCHES NEW CARTON SEALING CLOSURE SOLUTION FOR HIGHLY RECYCLED CORRUGATED CARTONS  (“Intertape”, “IPG” or the “Company”), a leading North American manufacturer of carton sealing tapes,is proud to introduce a new 1100 premium hot melt carton … Continue reading
  • SIGMA STRETCH FILM - Sigma Classic Blown: Classic Blown is our best selling, general purpose, hand applied stretch film. This versatile, competitively priced film’s unparallel pucture and tear resistance plus great cling make it instantly usable by both experienced and new employees. Its wide … Continue reading
  • Silver Shield Envelopes - Introducing Silver Shield™, a strong, lightweight alternative to conventional envelopes. Silver Shield is made from eye-catching material that is lightweight and tear resistant. The specialized high-sheen Silver Shield material is a one-of-a-kind canvas on which your four-color process printing comes … Continue reading
  • Bubble Wrap - Bubble Wrap® Brand Cushioning The fact is that Bubble Wrap®, a registered trademark of Sealed Air, is actually a brand but often used incorrectly to describe all air cellular cushioning material. As a trademark, Bubble Wrap® only describes Sealed Air® … Continue reading
  • New Tape Product - CP 631 General Purpose grade Colored crepe masking Med-High Adhesion Solvent-Less Adhesive, Silicone-Free ASTM D6123/D6123M-97 Type 1 ASTM D-4236   General purpose tape available in 12 colors for use in arts & crafts, packaging, bundling, labeling, color-coding, decorating and identification. … Continue reading
  • New Instapak Product - Instapak Tractor Mold® Automated Cushion Molding System High Speed Solution – Designed specifically for high-volume, high-throughput operations, the Instapak Tractor Mold® system produces up to 30 linear feet of Instapak® cushions per minute to keep up with the most demanding … Continue reading