New Instapak Product

Instapak Tractor Mold® Automated Cushion Molding System

Instapak Tracor Mold® video Knock-down cooler pack cushions made with Instapak Tractor Mold® system
High Speed Solution – Designed specifically for high-volume, high-throughput operations, the Instapak Tractor Mold® system produces up to 30 linear feet of Instapak® cushions per minute to keep up with the most demanding operations.
Unique Design – 382 individual mold segments configured into two contiguous treads that mold the custom shape of an Instapak® cushion as it travels down the mold tunnel. By the time the cushion reaches the end of the tunnel it is fully cured and separated by a precision cutting mechanism.
Cold Chain – The Tractor Mold® system is perfect for automatically producing insulative cushions.  The unique design of our knock-down cooler panels provides superior thermal protection and can yield significant cost savings, especially in shipping, assembly and material storage and handling.

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