Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap® Brand Cushioning

Bubble Wrap® Brand Cushioning Material

The fact is that Bubble Wrap®, a registered trademark of Sealed Air, is actually a brand but often used incorrectly to describe all air cellular cushioning material. As a trademark, Bubble Wrap® only describes Sealed Air® air cellular cushioning material. The Bubble Wrap® brand provides the assurance of quality and performance in bubble cushioning.
For maximum value, specify Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning from Sealed Air and look for the symbol

Ask for the best and accept nothing less.

What makes a better bubble?

As the inventors of Bubble Wrap® cushioning over 50 years ago, our secret to a better bubble has always been starting with a full air bubble and keeping a full air bubble. Simply stated, in order to protect your products from the hazards of the shipping environment the air has to be there and stay there.

How do we do it? Bubble Wrap® brand protective packaging employs a “barrier layer” which retains air…providing superior, longer lasting protection over other brands. The difference is in the barrier and the crisp snap of the pop! See the advantages of using Bubble Wrap® brand.
Without a doubt, the Bubble Wrap® brand is a pop icon. For some fun activities visit BubbleWrapFun.com.

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