Weston Diploma Parchment Plat-Pal……

The alt process community was saddened in the spring of 2008 to learn that the mill manufacturing Weston Diploma Parchment was shuttered, and that the closing signaled the demise of Weston Diploma Parchment. There wasn’t anymore to be had. This very popular grade of paper gained almost instant popularity upon our introducing it to the community in 2007, quickly becoming the paper of choice to many users.

Not willing to give up on the wonderful community of alt process practitioners, students,amateurs, educators and commercial print makers, many of whom have become friends, I set in motion a search around the world, seeking a mill, any mill beyond those already known to us all, which might be able to manufacture a new sheet or one to the Weston specifications.

I have good news for you all.

It took a lot of hard work to get to rebirth from demise, but there has been success. I invite you to once again experience the ease with which you can make a high quality PT/PD or other alt process print on Weston Diploma Parchment Plat-Pal. Yes, Weston Diploma Parchment with a wrinkle. It is now called Weston Diploma Parchment Plat-Pal, a proprietary paper product sold exclusively by Butler-Dearden Paper for alternative process photo printing.

All of our testing and evaluation was conducted by master photo printer John Marcy at his Northampton Photographics studio. John Marcy collaborated with me in 2006 when he did the original testing on Weston Diploma Parchment, and he was very eager to offer his services to help me evaluate our 2008 on-machine paper test runs. John’s expertise, along with my commitment to the alt process community, is rewarding us all with the new Weston Diploma Parchment Plat-Pal paper. I am very pleased to introduce the Weston Plat-Pal brand to your studio, classroom or gallery.

Its smooth finish combined with its warm eye-pleasing shade and easy clearing make the Weston Plat-Pal the ideal medium for either the professional, amateur or student PT/PD practitioner.

Thank you all for your support, words of encouragement and commitment to the Weston brand.

We look forward to servicing your order or sample request. Call me at 800-634-7070.

Good printing to you all,

John M. Zokowski





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